Absolutely yes. They are bullies and stalkers but there is no concrete proof that I know of that they they are more sucesptible that other normal. Narcissists are all about appearances. If your narc ex had physically hurt you, that would have left evidence. That evidence would prove any claim you made about him being abusive. If he avoided physically hurting you, he can always deny the abuse and make you sound crazy. I can remember times when my dad physically hurt me, ... Are narcissists dangerous? ... but do you really think this? Can you hurt a narcissist with sarcasm? ... Do narcissists really feel hurt if a codependent ignores them? Does a narcissist care about someone they've hurt? A narcissist doesn't really care about people , how can you emotionally hurt a person who doesn't care? You are asking us for tricks or methods of hurting a Narc , you are searching for a quick formula. The world does not work that way , the quicker you learn that the better. Now unless you want to resort to physical violence , there isn't much you How to take revenge on a narcissist. Not bullshit about how you should live well without them, not no contact, but a blueprint on how to punish a narcissist. The Narcissists ability to damage you depends on the energy you feed them. Learn how to make the narcissist powerless to affect your life. If you choose the second approach, understand that the narcissist is extremely aware of how interested or desired he is by youand everyone else around him. If you practice an approach of measured contact, prepare to experience almost instantaneous acting out and punishment in response. Until, of course, you're in your 30th conversation where you're being dominated, condescended, and shocked by their arrogant peacocking. 2. They mistake kindness for weakness. Anyone who has ever found themselves pleading with a narcissist knows that the kinder you are, the meaner they become. 268 Thoughts on 3 Important Points You Must Understand Before Attempting To Leave A Narcissist. Do you suspect that a partner or person you've just met has a narcissistic personality? If so, the narcissistic behaviors listed below will help you to decide. One thing a narcissist will do is abuse you directly. But a better tactic for the elusive narc is to have someone else abuse you instead o. Did a narcissist ignore you? If a narcissist ignored you then don't be sad, just understand that he is doing it to protect his hurt ego. narcissists get along with people pleasers who sacrifice their own rights to please others. If a narcissist ignored you then you should be feeling good about yourself for it means that you don't sacrifice your rights to please Does exposure to a narcissist have the power to make victims, targets and survivors physically ill? When you are the partner of a narcissist, you are there to project the image he wants for ... emotionally and physically depleted. When in a relationship with a narcissist you will come to ... are being hurt. The narcissist has no ... she just needs to be there physically. What Happens When You Abandon A Narcissist ... but he became much more verbally and eventually physically ... Then there is narcissistic hurt. Want to know how to protect your child from a narcissistic ... How to protect your child from the physically ... to a narcissist. What Happens When You Abandon A Narcissist ... but he became much more verbally and eventually physically ... Then there is narcissistic hurt. 3 Reasons You Cant Win with a Narcissist. ... Theres no use in conforming to the narcissist. Doing so may hurt you more than you think. 3. What is a narcissist, you might ask. Are you controlled by one? Narcissists are the most confusing (and dangerous) people on earth. If they are toxic or malignant narcissists, they take control and rob you of your independence in every way. Dont confuse a garden variety selfish person with a full on narcissist or sociopath. See [] Does anyone else's NParent physically hurt you (accidentally?) when legitimately trying to show affection? If you remember nothing else from what I tell you, you must remember that. The sociopath and narcissist will hoover for no other reason than to get another chance to hurt you. This is why it seems that the narcissist returns only to leave again You do not need the narcissists permission, validation, or recognition to leave the relationship. You do not need to submit proof that you are being hurt. You do not need closure from the narcissist, who will withhold it anyway. When the narcissist hurts you and leaves you, you must allow yourself to feel the sadness. Whatever that Narcissist has said to you that has deeply hurt you or wounded you is NOT a real observation, it was your vulnerabilities that you shared with them when you trusted them. They twisted, tweaked, and distorted these vulnerabilities to use against you, define you, and gain control over you.