I just need to know what this pill is. It is white and long and has L484 on one side. Please help me. Does anyone know what these are? They are white oblong shape pills blank on one side and L484 on the other side thanks What pill is oval, white and has "L484" on one side? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 9 Answers. This Site Might Help You. RE: i have a pill that is white, and says L484 on one side and nothing on the other side.What is it? What is a White oblong pill with L484 inscribed on one ... on one side and nothing on the other? Plain white oblong pill with no markings ... What kind of pill has an IG on one side and 277? ... L484 white oblong pill; pill imprints; images; Home. oblong. ... oblong; OTC; white; Acetaminophen - P 111. Comment: Imprint L484. Domestic; acetaminophen; analgesic; APAP; Welcome to Pharmer.org, ... Don't search for 'white round scored pill marked 512 and Percocet'. ... S 8667 imprint is S on one side, and 86 | 67 on the other side. Pill Identifier. If your pill does not have one, then it could be a vitamin, ... White Oblong: Brown Capsule: Orange Tear: White Octagon: Brown Diamond: