Here's how I gained 17 pounds in 6 weeks on a vegan diet. Perfect for dressing any type of salad or as a dip for veggies. Just because youre not eating meat doesnt mean youre eating right. The question Is the vegan diet healthy? 1. Are you eating healthy enough? Protein foods You're Not Eating Nearly Enough Protein We all know protein is the single most important building block of muscle growth. Why SOME people struggle with a vegan ... you know is not doing well on a vegan diet. Let them Eat Vegan. Discussion and Talk about How do you eat enough calories being vegan? Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, or poultry. Find out the difference between vegan and vegetarian and discover why vegans have a bit of a problem with their vege friends. Just a little background...I've been fully vegan for about 6 months now and dairy free for about a year. By the time he reached the White House, Bill Clinton's appetite was legend. Vegan's not just a buzzword: According to a 2012 survey, seven percent of Americans polled consider themselves vegan, more than those who count themselves as vegetarian. Homemade avocado ranch dressing thats unbelievably creamy, vegan and gluten-free! You may not be eating enough. Are you vegan enough? This raw vegan chocolate cheesecake is nut-free, super quick to make, insanely delicious and packed with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. I've seen websites and forums put up by vegans who brag about feeding vegan diets to their carnivore dogs and cats. Following is a list of issues commonly encountered in the quest to become a vegan athlete and the solutions to successfully adopting this diet. What is a vegetarian diet? Clean Eating Healthy Recipes, Free Workouts and Healthy Living Tips How to gain weight on a vegan diet -- specifically, muscle. Real Vegan Children. on a day where i'm really hungry for whatever reason, i consume about 1000. You may not be eating enough. is one I get all the time. Believe me, this is quite common. Of course there are many factors that contribute to how well we sleep - stress levels, or how light- and sound-tight your bedroom is, for example. VeganProteins Not losing weight? Some people follow a "vegetarian" diet, but there's no single vegetarian eating pattern. One of the most requested topics in my Vegan How To series is about eating out at restaurants as a vegan. I'm 5'3 and 130 lbs. Not losing weight? This topic has been brewing in my heart and mind for a while. While eating too few calories can happen on a vegan diet, this is not always the case and some people experience weight gain. Some women stop being vegan when they become pregnant, because either they or their doctors think a vegan cannot have a healthy pregnancy. Just eating vegetables will not supply your body with enough protein. by Dreena Burton "Vegan food has come a long way in the past decade. These vegan sources of omega 3 have high ratios of Omega 3 to Omega 6, making them ideal for conversion to the fatty acids DHA and EPA. He loved hamburgers, steaks, chicken enchiladas, barbecue and my daily goal is 1920 calories per day. What is a Vegan? For a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, make sure you avoid these 12 pitfalls. Well, the answer is that it depends as much on what you eat as with any other diet.