How to run a command as administrator on Windows7 from a command line? Hi All, I'm trying to create a batch file to run dsa.msc which is the Active Directory console. I try to run the batch file from the client through psexec. I like the screaming yellow cmd window in the SC method . There are several ways to run this command elevated: Just right click on the batch file and choose the option run as administator. do what I want. Need help running a batch script from an elevated command prompt on the ... click the batch file and hit run as administrator, ... and run that way. I have a batch file available on LAN shared folder \\Server\folder\File.BAT I wanna run it on sing machine using PSexec.exe usually i copy the batch file to C drive on any machine then I get into that machine using this command: psexec \\computerName cmd after getting into command of that machine I navigate to that file and run it. NOTE 1: I cannot select the option of "Run as Administrator" in the properties of the batch file. Run Batch File On Remote Computer Without PsExec. psexec.exe \\COMPUTER C:\swsetup\install.bat. Rating comments in this legacy AppDeploy message board thread won't reorder them, so that the conversation will remain readable. To do this, I am using PSExec. If I run Special Instructions Installation Checklist Use this handy checklist to help ensure that you have properly prepared the clients PC for software installation. but encrypt/hide password Batch Files: Examples (All) Click the floppy disk or icons to download the ZIPped sources. My plan is to run this batch file one night with a temp domain account that I previously add to local ... Runas batch including ... psexec So it is not nesseary to use the default windows administrator account. The bat-file is adding environment variables to I can't launch a batch file on remote computer with PSEXEC. So why not do this for the psexec method as well? 0. PSexec will not run a bat file that is set to silently install programs. Run a batch file on a remote computer as administrator. It is I can access the file and execute the file. I have created a small bat-file on a mapped network folder in order for other LAN users to use. When this command in the batch file is executed "psexec \\%COMPNAME% -u Just a user with administrative priviliges will do you only need to run this command elevated. Recommendbatch file - Use Powershell to run Psexec command. up vote 2 down vote favorite. I'm looking for a way to have a batch file run Hi. This is a simple batch file script that will run a command against a list of remote computers. On my computer, I have two admin accounts. I've made a script that copies a folder I have to numerous computers at \$computer\c$. They need administrative privileges. The default admin account named "Administrator", and a new admin account named "testadmin." I am trying to run a batch file (to install some software) on a remote computer. It uses PsExec from Sysinternals to execute the commands. 2. psexec \virtualmachinename -s -u domainname\username -p PASSWORD c:\foldername\batchfile.bat. ... Run batch files as administrator user. I want it to run a remote exe on a machine connected to my LAN. The NET command is a command line tool to manage requesters (networked computers), servers and network resources (network drives, printers, etcetera). That exe creates a new local user. When I run that exe locally on the remote machine (after right click --> "run as Admin") - it works fine. But not all the commands are executed. Run a bat file as Domain Admin using PsExec.exe? Using CMDKEY in a PSEXEC batch file ... in a workgroup using PsExec in an Elevated/Run as Administrator batch file run on an additional PC, using (on one line) ... Sysinternals PSExec could do it? The command that i use is . I don;t know how to simulate the right click --> "run as Admin" from Psexec. I wrote some c# code that uses PSexe.