Get a head start as a Diagnostic Radiographer with a Professional Conversion Programme (PCP). Become an Allied Health Professional by applying for the Professional Conversion Programme. We can see through you, literally... Raising awareness on the role of Diagnostic Radiographers. Radiographers, also known as radiologic technologists, are licensed professionals who provide diagnostic images. ... and Diagnostic Radiographers. This short professional programme validated by the Nursing Midwifery Council Diagnostic radiographer. Jesmine Ong. The "Confessions" of a Radiographer. Interested in a career switch? ... diagnostic training programme. information about professions in diagnostic radiology. Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Quality Assurance: An Overview. Professional Conversion Programmes help jobseekers reskill and acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies to take on new jobs. ... of therapy and diagnostic radiographers. ... the Professional Conversion Programme ... diagnostic radiographers and get ready for a new beginning. Overview GradCert/PgCert Non-Medical Prescribing. Diagnostic Radiographers; ... Programme; Diagnostic Radiographers; Enrolled Nurses; Diagnostic radiographers use ... Find out more about the entry requirements and training required to become a diagnostic radiographer. ... (continuing professional development). Become an Allied Health Professional by applying for the Professional Conversion Programme. Enhancements to the Healthcare Professional ... (WDA) will be expanding the Healthcare Professional Conversion Programme ... therapists and radiographers. Contact. Professional Conversion Programme. More help for mid-career workers to move to healthcare jobs. The healthier choice. As a radiographer, Michael Ong has to ensure the diagnostic images produced ... Development Agencys Strategic Manpower Conversion Programme. More switching mid-career to healthcare. Health ministry to inject $24m funding to strengthen manpower. Accredited by the Society and College of Radiographers, ... to Collaborative Professional Practice (Diagnostic Radiography) ... in Diagnostic Radiography programme. The document entitled Outline Curriculum Framework for Conversion Programmes to Prepare ... and diagnostic radiographers CSU's Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Imaging Conversion), offered by distance education, focuses on the techniques and equipment used in diagnostic ... Any extension of the basic program is determined by the radiology department's ... in diagnostic radiology. Diagnostic radiographers use the latest technology to look inside the body in different ways. Conditional Registration (C) t Discover what it takes to be a Diagnostic radiographer. Professional Institute Information . 799 likes. Officer visits to your university StudentTalk Access to professional magazines and ... Student benefits. Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to promote both Allied Health and Nursing conversion programmes for mid-career professionals. ... the Professional Conversion Programme has admitted more than 400 ... diagnostic radiographers The radiology subspecialty devoted to diagnostic imaging and ... or other health care professionals. ... (Diagnostic Radiography) ... (including details of accelerated 2 year MSc conversion course for non-SLT graduates) For Diagnostic Radiographers and Radiation ... You will only need to do so after you have completed your degree conversion programme.