Im following this question but I can't seem to get this working. Dot sourcing a file doesn't work.

I currently run a version of these scripts manually without problems (i.e., the dot sourcing works as I expected). Dot sourcing a function in a script Odd behavior. It is not legitimate for PowerShell or Windows. How Do I Use a Windows PowerShell Script Containing Functions? ... can be as simple as dot-sourcing the script. Hey, Scripting Guy! #PSTip How to automatically dot-source all scripts in a folder. ... \PowerShell\Profile. ... last 10 years working mainly with Microsoft management technologies. I am new to powershell. What I would like to do is find the software and version of software on remote computers. I'd like to be ... | 11 replies | PowerShell Thanks Mike! Not including RootModule just caused me hours of grief. As you said, without this none of the commands are exported. This is my fifth SANS course. Jason is exceptionally hard working instructor who adds tremendous value with his unrestricted contributions to the community. Powershell: Get IP Address, Subnet, Gateway, DNS servers and MAC address details of remote computer Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, shows four ways to create folders with Windows PowerShell, and he discusses Want an easy way to create and manage log files for all of your PowerShell Scripts? Use this PowerShell Logging module to automatically do it for you! On local or remote computers, use PowerShell to query WMI or Registry to get a list of installed programs, GUIDs, and uninstall strings. The Where-Object cmdlet and the Where method both allow you to filter arrays in PowerShell. In this post, you will learn the difference between the two filters. How To Install Python, pip, and virtualenv on Windows with PowerShell. Updated October 7, 2014. To provide a consistent company image all users should use the same signature template in their Outlook profile. In this post, youll find a step-by-step guide on PowerShell 2.0 integration in an ASP.NET project. The Next Generation of Help. In order to create a more streamlined experience for users, Rapid7 is evolving our community and integrating it with our website. Problems with comma "," and dot "." in decimals-values when inserting data in Access-db from .net-code Tag: Dot-source PowerShell ... this is not a good practice. If the PowerShell script is not in the current directory, ... you can "dot source" the file, similar to: PowerShell .\MyScript.ps1 The "." vscode-powershell - Provides PowerShell language and debugging support for Visual Studio Code. Skip to content. ... Intellisense not working #179. Closed Dot Sourcing variable and functions in Powershell ... We then run this .ps1 file within powershell. arguments The call operator will only handle a single command. ... Dot-Sourcing. Calling PowerShell functions in another scripts. ... functions in it and not all the extra code. If you reference a variable that does not exist, ... PowerShell assumes that it's working with a text file. ... \data\source\mailbox.pst" Running Windows PowerShell Commands in a Workflow ... To run commands or expressions in a workflow that are valid in Windows PowerShell, but not