Clearing space on a HTC Desire S is simple. O2 Guru Scott shows how in this step-by-step guide for O2 Guru TV. hi all can anyone tell me how to delete apps i no longer use or want as much info as poss please as im new to the desire From the Apps screen, press and hold the app you want to remove, and then drag it to Uninstall. Note: If you purchased an app in Play Store, you can uninstall it for a refund within a limited time. To know more about the refund policy for paid apps If app is a system app you cannot delete it without rooting phone first. In manage apps there are downloaded and all apps menues. If app is not in downloaded list you need to root to uninstall. Keep in mind that if app was not downloaded removing it Now exit Titanium Backup app and press on the app you want to remove. After pressing for 2 to 3 seconds, you will see option appearing on the bottom. On the option below, select Force Remove App and wait for the process to finish. There you go! You now have uninstalled unwanted app / stock app from your HTC Desire HD. Step 2. Delete apps from HTC phone in 1 click. Go to the top menu and click the "Apps" option, you will see a list of installed apps on your HTC phone in the below. To remove apps from your HTC phone, you can choose the apps you want to delete and click the"Uninstall" button to delete them from your HTC mobile phone completely and Touch the app you want to uninstall. You can uninstall downloaded applications to free up space and memory on your HTC Desire. I've spent a whole afternoon searching here and elsewhere to find out how to un-install apps from my Desire. So far I've had no success follwing the A tutorial on how to remove applications from your HTC One/Desire/Hero/Wildfire. How do I delete apps from my HTC Desire S? - Some apps on my HTC Desire S can't be removed via the Android Market... is there another way to delete Android apps? This tutorial shows you how to remove system applications that come installed on your phone, or ROM of your choice that you dont actually want. In case you just got your Android HTC Desire HD and want to get rid of the branded bloatware and good-for-nothing apps, then there is some interesting news Home > Support > HTC > HTC Desire 526 > Apps & Widgets > Uninstall Apps - HTC Desire 526. Ask Verizon: Virtual Assistant: Ask Verizon: ... HTC Desire Want to uninstall apps to free up space in the memory? Follow these easy instructions. Guys, Any body know how We can delete built in apps in htc desire 816 dual, every time i delete it comes back when device restarting, any help?? ? How to uninstall an application on your HTC Desire 510. ... HTC Desire 510 - Uninstall an Application ... tap the Apps icon. HTC Desire 530 - Uninstall an app. Uninstall an Application. Find out how to uninstall an application from your device. ... HTC Desire 530 - Close background apps. Let me ask you something. What were your first reactions and impressions when you bought your last smartphone? Can you delete Google's apps from the HTC Desire 610? - On the HTC Desire 610, is it possible to delete the apps that came on the phone? HTC Desire S - Delete all contacts - To delete all contacts, there a number of methods you might need to try. Removing factory standard apps on the HTC Desire HD. Discussion in 'Android Support' started by Paddlepop, Feb 15, 2012. ... how to delete apps on htc desire i was downloading apps and ii want to delete some. how do ii do that Install HTC Transfer Tool on an old phone to wirelessly move content to your new HTC phone. Nowadays, deleting web browsing history on HTC One X/M8/M9/Desire becomes very simple by using the most powerful tool named Android Data Eraser. HTC Desire 610 - Delete all contacts - There are a number of ways, as below. The first two of these may be disabled on some networks/carriers or Android versions however. HTC Desire support. Delete an email account. To delete an existing email account: Previous. ... You'll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the account. When you turn on HTC Desire 510 for the first time, youll need to set it up. 15 Unboxing.