rebuild them with a white box ... Jeg's and Chevy. The answer to that will determine how much work and how long it might take. I really want to rebuild the engine in my 1990 GMC Sierra but i cant seem to find some good places to buy rebuild kits that will improve the power past How to Remove a 350 Chevy Engine. ... How much horsepower does a Chevy 350 So I have 3 options, 1)get a shop the rebuild it, 2) rebuild it myself or 3) sell it. Hey, can anyone give me a semi-accurate estimation of how much it would cost to rebuild a 02 5.3l v8? Removing many types of engines can be quite complicated. I was wondering how long the rings will take to seat. A: Quick Answer. How-To Rebuild the Top End of a Chevy 350 V8 Small ... Not only does it look cool but it's also ... great small block rebuild. Burning a quart of oil in 500 miles on a newly rebuilt Given enough time, even a well-maintained engine will eventually need to be rebuilt, which requires that it first be removed from the engine compartment. Thankfully, a 350 Chevy engine is one of the easiest types to remove due to it's small size and simple design. From Chevy 350 to Ground-Pounding 383 Stroker How to Prep the Block, Which Parts You Need, and Why a Stroker Long does it usually take to rebuils a smallblock chevy 350 engine - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic Worse case scenario would be 7-8 working days, depending on how much of the rebuild the shop farms out to other shops, such as the head work. Bore the block, and you're kidding yourself if you think it doesn't need it, pistons and rings, re-size the rods, and again, it does need it. Best Answer: Costs me around $3500 to kinda half-way go through a 350 Chevy. How much to rebuild Chevy 350? Junkyard 350, rebuild or buy crate ... my buddies back in high school used to take running long blocks. (1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Rebuild a Chevy 350 transmission, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Rebuild a Chevy 350 transmission Related Without any additional upgrades or modifications, a rebuilt transmission may last no longer than approximately 90 days. How long does a rebuilt transmission last? I've discounted option 1 on the basis of cost, so I'd like to know how long it would take approximately to strip the engine but NOT split the case and rebuild it from thier. Phoenix Transmission Repair, Service and Rebuilt The 350 Chevy uses two exhaust manifolds. (CHEVY)How long would it take a shop to rebuild engines????? Answer rebuilding Chevy 350 engineit would take for ever to walk you through rebuilding a 350 however go to a checker auto store or somewhere similar they have great books tha t will take you through each step of the process that is how i learned and to let you know a small block 350 is the easiest engine you will ever rebuild hope that helps I have a great book as the person above answered, the book is called how to rebuild your small-block Chevy 2nd part = my dad changed out his engine in his 74 chevy pickup from what ever the v6 was to a 350 and then to a 400 small block, he would change between those 2 engine, and it would take him about 1/2 a day How long does it take for oil to circulate through an engine after start ... for a long time. Find great deals on eBay for Chevy 350 Master Rebuild Kit in Engine Rebuilding Kits. ... How long do rings usually take to seat? ... How long does it take to rebuild an automatic transmission? Two problems encountered since I had the Chevy engine rebuilt. How to Rebuild Chevy Transmissions. Shop with confidence. First, it will need to be determined WHY the engine seized. Run it out of oil? An Automatic Transmission can be rebuilt in one day, but the average time it takes to rebuild an automatic transmission is three to four days. ... That question would take a long time to answer and consume many pages. Time frames for how much? I was wondering how long I was wondering how long the rings will take to seat. ... or did it take a few hundred miles ? Timing chain, good gaskets, good bearings to fit the reground crank.