I use IE but primarily Firefox. Firefox is not my default homepage. Whenever I am in Firefox and "Create a Shortcut" to my Desktop, it How to force shortcut to use IE when not default. ... Just do what Tracy said above but don't create the shortcut first. ... Chrome is my default browser. Hi, not sure if this is possible but here goes. is it possible to have say IE as your default browser, but create a link that opens a website in firefox? Can I make a shortcut open in NON default browser? I have firefox as default, so if i create a shortcut it always opens in FF. But theres one i want to open in IE. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to create desktop shortcuts for your favorite web pages using Google Chrome. Comparison table of Keyboard shortcuts as used in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE8), Opera, and Safari as used in Windows. How to Put a Shortcut to a Website on Your Desktop. You can create shortcuts to websites on your computer desktop using most major browsers. Browser object: Then we will make a webbrowser object. For this we will use the function ComObjCreate. And then we use the browser object returned from that function Learn how to set the default browser, for example, Firefox, in Outlook so that when you click on a link in an email that browser opens it. You can create a BAT file to open several URLs or web links at the same time in your default browser or in different browsers at the same time. See how. Your web browser of choice is truly the gateway into accessing the global Internet. Firefox Multi-Account Containers. Firefox Multi-Account Containers lets you keep parts of your online life separated into color-coded tabs that preserve your privacy. How to Pin Firefox Web Apps to Windows 8 Start Screen. The Windows 8 start screen is a nice way to browse through your apps. According to Adam Grant, a person's preferred browser is one way to tell whether they accept or reject the defaults in their life. Here's a method on how to set Internet Explorer as Default Web Browser on Windows 10. Although Microsoft don't recommend using it, still many people wants it back. 2 SUMMARY Mozilla Firefox has discontinued support for the JAVA plugin, which is required by all DOEA Applications - including CIRTS. Firefox 3.6 Release Notes. v.3.6, released January 21st, 2010 Check out whats new, the known issues and frequently asked questions about the latest version of Firefox. A detailed look at Firefox 57.0, a major new release of the web browser by Mozilla that drops legacy add-ons, introduces Quantum and Photon. When coding my website, I save HTML and CSS docs then refresh my browser to see the changes. However when I refresh the HTML changes are This guide will show you how to make a professional-looking favicon size image for your website it's easier than you think! when I click on any shortcut the browser open the default page on Firefox instead of following the hyperlink on the shortcutplease can anyone help Anyone know how to make a URL shortcut use IE when the default browser is set to Firefox? Desktop Internet Shortcuts Not ... installed Firefox then uninstalled. Archived from groups: 24hoursupport.helpdesk,microsoft.public.windowsxp.customize Firefox is my default browser. Make Chrome your default browser. If you like how Google Chrome works, you can make it your default browser. Can I create an internet shortcut for IE and keep Firefox as my default browser? Create Firefox.msi with AdvancedInstaller. ... and declare Firefox as default-browser for all users ... You should create a shortcut to Firefox in the programs menu.