Previously when I opened a new tab using Ctrl+T shortcut, Chrome would automatically focus on the address bar. When I redirect the newtab to a new url, the focus in the address bar remained where it is, which is quite annoying. Previously when I opened a new tab using Ctrl+T shortcut, Chrome would automatically focus on the address bar. I'm using this extension to get a blank page each time I open a new tab, unfortunately the address bar is not focused after the new tab is open. Focus on address bar in chrome? - posted in Ask for Help: Hi Im completely new to AHK, and I only have one thing in mind to do with it. Learn keyboard shortcuts and become a pro at using Chrome. ... Switch focus forward between the Address bar, ... Open the Chrome Help Center in a new tab: F1: I was wondering if there was an extension that would automatically open a new tab from address bar or search bar? When I open a new tab, the cursor is positioned in the address bar of the new tab and is blinking. In about 6 seconds the bar grays out, whether or not I am typing in it. Internet Explorer 11 was Fixed the address bar not getting focus when you open a new tab. You can once again press Ctrl+T and start typing. Increased the amount How to disable auto-focus on addressbar when opening a new tab? ( submitted 6 months ago by pf2-I use New Tab Redirect to set a custom new tab. IE10, Firefox, have the option to switch focus to a newly opened tab. Where is this option in Microsoft Edge? note: I just upgraded last night from Win 8.1 on a Surface to Win 10 on this Surface. Just to be clear, is this only happening when you override the new tab page and use chrome.tabs.create? What if you use the normal new tab page with chrome.tabs.create? Chrome support has a list of shortcuts for the Mac version. You will find the -L shortcut will perform what you are trying to do. For Windows Chrome, you can also use Ctrl-L and F6 to highlight the address bar. Use a custom URL as the New Tab page without losing address bar focus Focus on opening (or new tab) does not go in the address bar... Reported by, Mar 9 2009 ... Open Chrome (or create a new tab) 2. The focus does not go in the address bar What is the expected result? I have Google set as my home page and new tab page, but when I click a new tab, the cursor doesn't focus in the search box. Instead, it focuses in the address bar. When I am opening new tab with Ctrl+T it works perfectly, but if I am opening it with new tab button it does not get focus on address bar. How to bring back Chrome's old New Tab page. ... is redundant. Google Chrome Address Bar. In Google Chrome, you can get anywhere on the Web with one box. Users of Google Chrome can get a blank new tab instead ... How To Get A Blank New Tab In Google Chrome. Keyboard not working in chrome ... or when opening a new tab. Summary: Cursor should be in Address bar after Opening new BrowserTab by DoubleClick Focus not in address bar after opening new Tab by DoubleClick This tutorial explains how to hide or remove address bar in Google Chrome. Hide Address Bar in Google Chrome 0. How to Hide Tabs in Chrome. ... visible tabs and an address bar. I type "m" in the address bar; ... when i open a new tab and start typing chrome just closes. I stubbornly used IE7 back when I had Vista, even after IE8 was officially out.